Miscellaneous plumbing

Insulate cold pipes

Cold water lines should be insulated to protect them from freezing and to keep moisture from condensing on the outside of the pipe and dripping on the floors. The type of insulation used for this work is made of hair felt and asphalt.

All pipes laid underground should be well below the frost. line to keep them from freezing. The depth of the frost line will vary according to the section of the country, but any contractor, plumber, or gardener, can give you this information.

Pipes that are exposed to the weather but cannot be put under-ground, may be protected from freezing by building a box around them and filling the inside with sawdust, straw, hay, or even old newspapers. The box should be large enough so that the pipe is at least four inches from all sides. The box should be tight at the joints, and if it is fastened to a wall, there should be no cracks between box and wall to admit frost. Insulate the pipes from the wall with strips of wood. One quarter inch is thick enough.

Corrosion by water

The water in some communities contains various chemicals and minerals which, though harmless to humans, will eat through pipes and water tanks. Many homeowners have installed new pipes and tanks, only to find that in a short time these too have been damaged beyond repair. Where the water is extremely corrosive, have it analysed by a laboratory. After the contents of the water have been analysed, you will be able to select the pipe which can best withstand the water's action.

Cleaning fixtures

Stains on sinks, wash basins, bathtubs, and other fixtures can generally be removed by rubbing with kerosene, a scratchless cleaning powder, or a paste made of kerosene and powder. Do not use a chemical to remove a stain, as most fixtures are cast iron coated with enamel, and the chemical will remove the enamel.


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