Preparing plumbing traps

The traps for all fixtures should be drained and filled with some non-freezing and non-evaporating liquid, such as kerosene. The traps under kitchen sinks and wash basins can be easily drained by removing the clean-out plug at the bottom of the trap and allowing the water to flow into a bucket. Replace the plug and pour several pints of kerosene slowly down the drain.

Do not pour too rapidly, or the momentum of the liquid may force some of it out of the trap. After the trap has been filled, see that there is no leak around the clean-out plug.

Toilet traps can be partially cleared of water by flushing the toilet after the water supply has been turned off. The water that remains at the bottom of the bowl can be bailed out with a small container and a sponge. The trap should then be filled with kerosene.

Bathtub traps are difficult to get at unless there is an opening at the floor level. A good way to fill any bathtub trap is to slowly pour kerosene a few inches from the drain in the tub ; the kerosene will flow into the trap and replace any water there. The main trap in the basement can be filled with kerosene by pouring a considerable quantity down a fixture located near the main trap. The kerosene will flow into the trap and replace the water as it did in the bathtub trap.

It is very important to fill a trap with kerosene after it has been drained. If this is not done, sewer gas can enter the house.

Water meters are sealed by the water company to prevent tampering with them. If there is no provision made for draining the meter without breaking this seal, contact the water company and have them send someone to do the necessary work on the meter.


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